Accessory Pads and Quick Grit Change System

The Quick Grit Change System

The Quick Grit Change System is a unique system which allows the operator to change from one grade grit to another by removal of one accessory pad to be replaced by another.

The SMF-Series has a Quick Grit Change System which allows the operator to change 4 abrasive pads simultaneously. This can be achieved in one of two ways:

  1. Removing the four abrasive discs from the accessory pad and replacing with another four discs of the same grade grit or
    a different grade grit onto the same clover shaped accessory pad.
  2. Removing the clover shaped accessory pad that contains the four abrasive discs and replacing the accessory pad with another accessory pad housing four abrasive discs of the same grade or a different grade grit.

The Quick Grit Change System results in quick, easy, clean storage of abrasive grit whilst saving the operator the task of continuously changing sanding disks. For example, 180 grade grit can be left on one accessory pad, 240 grade grit on another accessory pad, 320 grade grit on another accessory pad and so on, and so interchange accessory pads.

When accessory pads are not in use the accessory pad can be hung up in the workshop and so affectively store abrasive grit at the same time.

The SMF-Series is abrasive friendly and can take a variety of brands of abrasive disc.

The Quick Grit Change System operates on a Hook and Loop system. If the user requires abrasives that do not operate on a hook and loop system, interface pads can be utilised between the pad and the abrasive disc. Interface pads can be purchased from abrasive suppliers. 

  • Note: It is recommended that there be no holes in the sandpaper used.
IMPORTANT: It is important that there is dust extraction attached to the vacuum port (located on the chassis), or a vacuum cleaner attached to the vacuum port when the machine is in use. The hose diameter on the vacuum device should be approx 38 to 40 millimetres (1 1/2 inch). This ensures debris lifted from surface material is cleared from the work surface and it also keeps the work surface and the pad cool. Vacuum device should be at least 1000 watts or more.

To demonstrate the correct method of changing an accessory pad and how the Quick Grit Change System works see below:

1. Gently rest the SMF-Sander and Microfinisher on its side using the handle and top casing of the fan cowl to rest on hard surface. Ensure that the capacitor box and the start and stop switches are protected.

2. Carefully remove the accessory pad by gently prising off the mounting pad.

3. Position the accessory pad on the mounting pad, aligning the holes on accessory pad with holes on mounting pad. Firmly press the accessory pad onto the mounting pad, ensuring the entire pad is flush with the mounting pad.